IFTTT Sunrise/Sunset Event Generator
Maker Key:
Next sunrise is:
Next sunset is:
UK Postcode:
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How to connect:

  1. Go to IFTTT Maker and connect it to your IFTTT account
  2. Click the 'settings' cog in the top right of the maker screen
  3. Make a note of your 'Maker Key'. The maker key is the text in the URL part of the screen. You only need the last bit. So for example if the URL is:
    then the maker id is:
  4. Create two Maker applets in IFTTT. The first one should have an (all lower case) event name of:
    The second should have an event name of:
    Wire them up to trigger whatever, for e.g. turn on a light at sunset.
  5. Put the Maker Key into the box above
  6. Enter your UK postcode
  7. Test the events are wired up correctly by clicking the 'Test' buttons. If everything is wired up correctly then the tests will pass and IFTTT things will happen such as a light will turn on.
  8. Wait!


Possible issues

Built by @simon_greig